Pioneers in Nursing



Royal Zama n Teaching Hospital (RZTH) is a planned 250-bed hospital which will provide state of the art services to the local community along with excellent educational and training opportunity is to our nursing students. RZTH aims to provide high standards of care along with specialized and advance nursing care to meet the needs of patients, families, and communities. Royal Zaman Teaching Hospital is also planning to host the first cath lab, trauma center, and stroke center in swat.

We encourage our students to spend more of their time in clinical settings, once they gain the required strength and knowledge for patient care according to the standardized curriculum. Our students practice their skills under qualified faculties and staff at Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat, and Royal Zaman Teaching Hospital which offer extensive tertiary care services to the patients of Swat and surrounding districts. Our dedicated clinical tutors in the hospital ensure to make the learning experience at their best in clinical areas wards. The nursing staff at the dedicated hospitals is our great source of mentoring our students and we are very thankful for their usual support in this.

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