We are pleased to be ranked among the TOP 51 Institutes of the country and awarded Scholarships that we can offer to 15 of our students each academic year. These scholarships will fund the bulk of admission fee , tuition fee and hostel/ travelling expenses. RCNS will top-up the remainder of the fee and expenses.

It is the source of immense pleasure for all of us that the World Health Organization (WHO) and Government of Pakistan (GOP) have declared the year 2020 as, “the year of nurses and midwives”. It gives an insight to the world about the importance of nursing and midwifery in healthcare system. According to the statistics, there is a critical shortage of nurses and midwives in Pakistan. For a population of 220 million, there are almost 80,000 nurses working in Pakistan, whereas, the need for nurses is estimated around 800,000 to 1 million. Many institutions have joined hands to invest in the field of nursing and midwifery. For the same reason, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (FE&PT) launched a four year National Endowment Scholarships for Talent (NEST), for nursing profession in Pakistan.

The purpose of NEST scholarship program is to increase professional capacity of nursing profession by imparting quality education and training to the needy and deserving students. For many years, RCNS has been supporting its students through bursaries and free accommodation. We assess our students very carefully and they are selected for financial support on a very stringent criteria.

Instructions for Students:

  • These scholarships are only for the students of Partner Institutes (Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) Approved List) 
  • Students are requested to apply on the prescribed scholarship application form for BSN (GEN) 
  • Students are also requested to Fill and print Declaration forms on the required stamp papers
  • After completing the application form and declaration forms , please submit them to Babar / Sherzaman Khan along with Required documents.
  • NOTE: Any APPLICATION FORM submitted directly to NEST will not be entertained, NEST will only grant scholarship to those students who are shortlisted by the above Partner Institutes only