NEST Scholarships

RCNS is proud and pleased that NEST BOD has chosen us among the top 43 Top Ranking Nursing Institutes affiliated with HEC/PNC ,  offering 15 scholarships slots under the Nursing Scholarship Program. This means , 15 eligible students will be granted scholarships to pay for their tuition fee , admission fee and accommodation charges for boarding students. NEST will contribute to the bulk of the these scholarships and RCNS will top up the remaining outstanding amount.

Mr SherZaman Khan and Babar will help you complete your application and this site will provide all the essential guidance .


  • Only for the students of Partner Institutes (Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) Approved List)
  • Students are requested to apply on the prescribed scholarship application form for BSN (GEN)
  • Students are also requested to Fill and print Declaration forms on the required stamp papers
  • After completing the application form and declaration forms submit to Mr SherZaman Khan  along with Required documents.
  • NOTE: Any APPLICATION FORM submitted directly to NEST will not be entertained, NEST will only grant scholarship to those students who are shortlisted by the above Partner Institutes only
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